my grandpa used to water the plants every week and there was a lil frog that would come out and croak until my grandpa sprinkled some water on him and he loved that frog so much

Regarding a post you reblogged about poor people having nice things...I read this interesting Atlantic article about how higher quality of life "luxury" items (e.g. TVs, microwaves, etc) are becoming cheaper and more accessible (globalization/outsourcing), but things that lead to upward mobility (eg college) are becoming astronomically more expensive, so poor people are unable to access that. Just thought id share that with you, bc I always get annoyed when people try to shame poor people


thank u for sharing!!

It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! *__* How long did you get to spend in Amsterdam? =D

Yeah it’s so pretty :) Four days, not nearly enough time to do everything! I wanna go back.